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released May 1, 2014

All Instruments were Engineered by Tyler Bragger at All About Records in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Vocals, Mixing and Mastering done by Mike Moschetto at The Office Recording in North Andover, Massachusetts.

Written and Produced by Northernmost

Released May 1st, 2014

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us this far.
This is only the beginning.



all rights reserved


Northernmost Cambridge, Massachusetts

Reverb with some music added.

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Track Name: Marble
Ask her if she loved you
If she thought you loved her too
one hour at a time.

Look me in the eyes
and try to find
a single piece of you.

Look me in the eyes
there's nothing here for you.

And i'll burn down the paper
If they try to print your name.
I'll scratch me off your headstone
with the things your family paid to say.

Ask her if she cared
If it hurt her to know
She'd have to raise a cowards son alone.

Look me in the eyes.

And i'll burn down the paper
If they try to print your name.
I'll scratch me off your headstone
with the things your family paid to say.
Track Name: Insurance
you said you’re doing this for me
and that ill understand someday
but you’re the only reason i stayed.

But when I tell you what I want
you ask me for a product.
You say "that'll never pay the bills".

Is it all you care about?
Have you lived with no regrets?
Should I work myself in to a grave?
Is that natural order to it?

Because a seal on a piece of paper
Won't make me a better man
And I don't need your permission
To finally be who I am

I'll never learn the way that you do
Or resign my life to paperwork
And the piles left to sort through

I'll never live the way that you do
But that's okay.
Chasing a broken dream
is better than throwing it away.

Because a seal on a piece of paper
Won't make me a better man
And I don't need your permission
To finally be who I am

You're so set in your ways
Like the path you chose
is the only one to take
But you'll never make me
Give a shit
About what goes on my resume.

You're so set in your ways.
I'm just stuck in your way.
Track Name: Pleasant Secrets
You allow for thoughts of permanence that tear
A tissue paper wedding dress
Fragile dreams I wish you wouldn't wear

There's a story falling down the side of your face
And with the most truthful pen
Your thoughts cling to the pillow case

Little white pills
Mixed with the lithium blues
A thought of you creeps in
And they're swallowed in groups

I feel the walls closing in
I feel my grip loosening

We swore our hearts would stay at war
Just to ignore our trembling knees
But as the years begin to turn
You found there's not what you needed in me

(But as the years begin to turn)
Track Name: Fighting in my Sleep
I saw your picture after us
And I'm glad you were smiling
It makes me not feel so bad
About the way I have been
But it makes it so apparent
That I'm alone in this bed
It keeps me up at night
When I wish my thoughts
Would just give in

Don't break me
I have placed my heart of clay
Into precious indecisive hands
Mold it well
For when it dries the cracks will show
And it will crumble in your palms
if you want it to

I remember amber eyes
You always called me a fossil
Do you remember mine?
Bet you forgot them long ago.

I wish my thoughts would just give in.
Track Name: Chasing Windmills
My eyes close on their own
but sleep won't come to me
and I wish I could have an effect on you
like the one you have on me.

We always think the ones
we love are perfect
but when we find their flaws
we question if it's worth it.

It's not that I love you so
I'll leave you behind
it's that I never had a choice or chance
to show you my side
I never had a chance
So i'll hold on to what I know
Hoping someday I'll forget this
and you'll just let me go.

She said "Don't let the rain keep your head down"
but the only weight I feel
Is with your hands around
the way you linger and never let me heal.
Counting miles with my steps
I'll keep pacing my room
for a call I'll never get-
I'll never get you.
Track Name: Taylor
Some nights I sit in the corner
til you put your hands on me
I don't want to be a burden
I know you'd rather fall asleep
so carve it in my skin
I swear I'll never leave you
so You'll never be lonely again

I made a home in your arms
and carved it into me
I'll never rid myself of you

I made a home in your arms
for everyone to see

Some nights I lay in the corner
til you place your hands on me
I don't wanna be a nuisance
I know you'd rather sit and think

So I'll carve you in my skin
and never leave you
so you'll never be lonely again.
Track Name: Belittle Me
It was 5 degrees
for the second week
and it’s finally warm enough to rain

The lake ice cracks and craters
with the falling march misplacement
a self destructive act of passion
(i don’t blame you but you let this happen)

There’s a storm chasing me
when i put my head down
i’m doing everything for your attention
like drunk driving in the snow
i wish you’d beg for me to make it home.

I watch flowers wilt on top of graves
and understand why
they carve our names in slate
If I could just escape to her
I'd want to know,
Does she still keep her kings in the back row?

i need something to look forward to
i forget what it’s like
it may sound pathetic
but we all need it sometimes.

You’re the scar I tried to hide with have a smile and new tattoos
and even when i’m covered
your true colors shine right through

i hope these words can make you cry
and make the years i’ve waited worth it
the years i’ve held it all inside
until this pain gave them a purpose.

your frail wrists read
lies and love
you always had your hands
behind your back
Track Name: Jettison
If i lost all I hold dear
I would walk into the woods
like we did today

and see what’s on the other side
we never walk to-
why do we never walk through?

it is the fear of leaving it all behind,
or do the things we know become a blanket?
(wake up, wake up)

I would go swim in the riptide
and try to make it back
follow the coast like they suggest and drift
far enough to say i’ve gone somewhere
and let the water push for now
for now

we’re brought up on blocks;
we build to make ourselves.
wood grain, like the finish on your walls.
snake skin in your bed,
it’s strange the years you shed.

twelve years from now
who will you be?
considering the shell you left here last night next to me.

snake skin in your bed
it’s strange the years you shed
and how you thought the walls wouldn’t peel
like we do.
Track Name: Closure
Where’s my closure?
cause I can’t see the end
of waking up and screaming out
to purge you from my head.

where’s my closure?
cause I can’t see the end
of asking more from myself
and coming up short again.

When a tree falls in the woods
it makes the sweetest sound
that's why you're easy to write about
when you're not around.
I feel better hoping you'll never heard this-
a skipping record spitting splintered feelings.

Screaming at a dirty windshield
never changes anything
I take you in through the receiver
and peel my fingers from the wheel.
I didn't care and you yelled, and I pushed it farther down.

with hearts that were once on display
over time we have locked them away
with a sign that says
please keep your hands off the glass.

am I sleeping away the years
that should be my best?
am I letting it slip through my hands?
Track Name: I Wish I Was Honest
I can't tell
But tonight must feel like summer
Because I feel like myself

But your eyes say you'll be covered
When the snow's all gone away
And the skies have lost their gray

Thin arms that slip into my veins
You're the only drug I feel these days
I have no choice it's easier to chase the pain
Than lose myself to apathy

I don't know why I say the things I do
The things you're used to and they don't phase you
They don't make you want me anymore
Or keep you begging up at night like I still do.

Throw a brick in the mirror
so you don't have to look inside
Pretend you've disappeared between a smile
and half glazed eyes
button up, chin up- six more months.
then turn your back and walk away
like you never looked back once

Thin arms that slip into my veins
You're the only drug I feel these days
I have no choice it's easier to chase the pain
Than lose myself to apathy

Regardless of our past
I'm glad you're moving up and on
And I'm sorry I can't be the one
To make your heart my home
Our history just fucks with me
Our history makes me believe in ghosts you left behind.